Friday, July 22, 2011

What you might not know about Susanna (guest post Charis)

Hello, my name is Charis and I happen to be Susanna's older sister. Older by exactly 3 years and two we share the same birthday month, we shared the same siblings, we've shared the same room, piano teachers, school teachers (um, parents), etc. Basically we've shared a lot of experiences of life together. God has done (and still is) doing a lot of work in our relationship. She is an amazing sister!

Through the years I have grown more grateful (most of time :P) for how the Lord has used Susanna in my life to encourage me, sharpen me, correct me and show me how to enjoy life better.

While she is gone this week (and I am missing talking to her very much), I thought I would take a bit of time to let you readers know a bit more about Susanna. Since I happen to be her sister I think I can do this. :)


-favorite color is bright, lime green (& other greens & other bright colors)
-loves coffee shops (one way we are similar)
-takes a lot to scare her! ~ as a child she would stand on a rocking chair we had and would rock away much to my Mother's dismay
-adores teasing other people ~ garlic water anyone? or how about cold water dumped on you as do your devotions? or perhaps plastic wrap in you face as you walk out the door? or maybe a dog or duck to join you as you sleep?
-is crazy about KU basketball (don't ask how many t-shirts she has!)
-is quite creative ~ take a look at her cards-has a beautiful soprano voice which she can use to bless others (good, pretty songs) or very much annoy others (bad songs)
-plays the flute gorgeously - has only played it for 3 and half years
-can get very grouchy if she's starving
-loves to shop
-loves to travel (she's been to 11 states and will be adding another 4-5 this fall)
-has only flown twice
-can work hard (please notice the can in that phrase!)
-greatly enjoys hanging out friends
-one thing in common with the rest of the family: loves ice cream!
-wants to tour Europe someday
-would love to ride in a Hummer limo
-would be wild about going to a NASCAR race (even more so about driving one!)
-most importantly though Susanna has a heart to follow the Lord and serve Him

Thanks for letting me share this Susanna! Praying the God will bless you as you grow in Him to be a woman for the glory of God and shine as light for His Kingdom! with love, ~Your sister

Charis is the sister of Susanna (total of 7 children in the family). She enjoys blogging about the gifts that God gives her in life at Recently she and Susanna have started a gluten-free blog called Other than keeping busy with helping her family, working as a mother's helper she fills her spare time with reading, gardening, photography, music and learning web design. Her life's desire is to live as a woman for the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!

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