Saturday, July 9, 2011

bucket list

I've always thought bucket lists were kinda fun. When Polka Dot started a giveaway with this theme, I thought I could post something about this.

Here goes......

1. sky diving.  yep, wanted to do this for a long time.

2. own a ford mustang  or a dodge charger.   maybe in a different color.

3. get married (not to just anybody) and have kids

4. grow in Christ the best I can

5. own a coffee shop for at least a little while.

6. go on a world-wide trip.......everywhere

7. speak several languages

8. go pick grapes with these people.

9. go on several mission trips.

10. learn how to cook like a pro.....I'm well on my way.

11. meet the girl I support from Compassion

12. learn how to play v-ball real good.

13. drive a nascar sometime.

I've got several more, but that's enough for now and all that I care for you to see.



  1. Awesome list--especially #5.

    And I'm all excited because we have the same name! I don't use my real name on blogger, but yeah, it's Susannah. :)

  2. Now, that is neat. I only know a couple people with that name.


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