Tuesday, July 5, 2011


My ears are still ringing as your ears probably are. After two days of blasting off everything we could get our hands on, I think I'm ready for a break. (So are my ears)  But, there is nothing that looks more awesome then seeing artillery shells explode. Then comes the shower of colorful sparks. Oh yeah, I love 4th of July!
We had an awesome time with Dad's side of the family on the 3rd. I came home from a choir practice at three o'clock and it started to pour sheets of rain. I was beginning to get nervous, hoping that it would stop for fireworks. Thankfully it cleared up by the time we grilled hamburgers. 

On the 4th I slept in very late, because there wasn't anything else to do. In the evening we went over to a friend's house. One of the families that was there brought their whole collection of fireworks. Last year they went out after the fourth and stocked up. Oh my, he had some real good ones. 
I would put photos on this post, but my sister ran off with her camera. (I should of hid it)  Oh well, I'll post some later for your enjoyment.

So, how was your weekend?


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