Friday, July 8, 2011


Hey, but I have a reason.
Yesterday I went into the dentist to find out when I was going to get my wisdom teeth out. 
 He decided to do them right then and there. 
So, today I'm being lazy and looking at anything and everything on the computer...not really.

After I got my teeth pulled my mom got me one of these.

A Pineapple Surf Smoothie is almost worth getting teeth pulled for. 

But, the interesting thing is that I GOT TO PULL ONE OUT MYSELF!!!  
yep, that's right, the dentist said if I wanted to I could pull one myself. I don't know anyone else who has done that, so of course I just had too. It was that bad either.

Have a great day!! and enjoy eating "real" food.



  1. haha sounds like fun. :-) I didn't think it hurt all that much actually till after I'd gotten home and my head started spinning and feeling like it was being attacked by a million trolls with hammers. :-)


Come on, I dare you too... :) I'd love to know you were here.

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