Friday, September 16, 2011

Kansas State Fair!

The fair has always been a tradition (a very fun one) for my family. So, of course, we had to go this year. On Monday the fair lets everybody in for a dollar or free if 
they have a Dillion's card.

I actually rode the Farris Wheel this year. Usually I don't waste my money on rides. For some reason Charis, Addy, and I decided that was something we needed to do. I really thought it could have gone a lot faster. Maybe if I would of paid more the guy would have made that happen...

But, when you're stuck at the top you sure can see a long ways.
A view don't get from just anywhere.

Walking through all the farm equipment can make you want something you don't need.
This is Titus...dreaming. It would be a ton of fun to have lots of 4-wheelers

For the pass couple of years, Turkey Hill has given out free ice cream. They happened to be giving mint away today. Cheers!!

Walmart was giving out smoothie samples, except you had to work for them. The blender was hooked up to a bike. Thanks to my Dad for the smoothies.

I didn't realize someone was taking my picture. :) I think I was telling her to not take my picture. My siblings and I had so much fun at the Nascar Simulator, which was very addicting. The only thing that kept us from staying was the line. And yes, I did win my share amount of times.

We love to go through all the building and collect the free stuff. You end up throwing a lot of it away. :) My family used to work at the Kansas Honey Booth. This year we didn't because our church had a booth and we helped with that.

Titus and Isaac found the National Guard booth to their liking. I think this is harder than it looks.

Since it is "Dollar Day" you see about everyone you know.  Addy and I are with some friends that come every year like us.

You can get about any type of pictures here. Of anything and anybody. Charis took most of these.

The train used to be fun until your legs get to long. It is kinda tight.

Here is our church booth. My Dad and a friend, Caleb, are working it at the moment. This booth has a replica of Noah's Ark set to the HO scale. In the front is a ramp with animals walking up. We even had dinosaurs.  You can draw so many conversations with this thing.  We also gave out a ton of materials.

This one gives more detail.

 For supper I had a Gyro, which are awesome. It's grilled garlic chicken on a pita with stir fried veggies and sauce. Very, very good. You really should try one.

Isaac and I decided to try fried oreos. I know, it sounds awful and gross, but it's not everyday that you get a chance to try things like this. Only don't watch the people make them, unless you don't plan on eating any. The oreos turned out a lot better than I thought they would. They actually tasted really good. I could only eat one though. 

If you can't tell by now, I really like going to the fair year after year. I guess I looked older this time, because I didn't get any of the collage offers like I did last year. hmm...

Do you go to your State Fair or do you like stuff like that?


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