Thursday, September 8, 2011


My sister Addy and I had to take some photos of our "pets". I don't remember if I've told you that our neighbor is keeping his 10 horses and donkey over here. His pasture needed some time off to grow back.  It's been awesome to have them around. I don't know if you've ever had the feeling of trying to give a horse a treat while 6 others are pushing you around trying to get to it. Interesting feeling...

One note here; it is hard to take pictures of horses because they see you standing there and "Oh great, treat time! What are you holding up to your face? I think I'll come closer and taste it."  Something like that happens in their head because they didn't want to stand there and pose. Anyway, we had fun and they sure are friendly.

The light in the morning can be pretty.
These 3 horses are actually the ones we started out with.
Kali, the paint, is my favorite of the whole bunch.

The branch got in my way, or maybe I should say I was standing in the wrong place.

Here is Dusty, the donkey. She is a nice, mean, funny, weird, little thing. Likes to bite you if you don't give her a treat. Shan, the dog, wouldn't leave her alone so she ended up in the picture.

Mattie has the prettiest face of all the horses. She is Addy's favorite.

Look at those eyes.

This is the "boss" but I don't think he is as bossy as one of the other horses. Stretch is a retired race horse.

Annie, is just full of muscle. You can't even see it really well, but she just looks amazingly strong.

This horse is my other favorite. Angie, is kinda an outcast right now because she is new. She was to busy eating and wouldn't raise her head for me. "You don't have a treat for me? Then forget it, I'm not into pictures."

For some reason Addy caught me at what it looks like I'm yelling at Walker. I'm not, just looks like it.

I'm kinda feeding Rush here. Rush is a sweet horse. Walker, the one beside him, is his girlfriend.

Me and Kali.  She stands still for anything.

Kali is also a champion barrel racer.

Dusty again, wanting another treat. That thing... This isn't her best side either.

Enough of horses for now, I need to get to work.


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