Friday, May 25, 2012

What a life...

Oh Yeah, my life has been fun lately and I haven't shared any of it with you. So here is a little taste. Actually, it turned out to be a big taste.

Our neighbor brought his horses back to our house for the summer. We've had a ton of fun with them again.

Two of our cats had a total of 10 kittens this spring. Normally, I could care less (they have kittens all the time and they all look the same), but these 3 cuties /\ /\ are actually a lot of fun. In fact we got rid of 2 of our cats so we could keep the one on the far left. He is so sweet!!

I made a new graduation card this year. It turned out to be pretty cute don't you think? If you'd like to buy one just email me and I'll put a listing on Etsy for you.

We had some rain and a double rainbow this last weekend. Charis took this pretty neat photo of the rain. Isn't it cool how the water drops are splashing?  I love rain!

 Yay! for the cool cameras on my ipod touch. Actually takes decent photos.

One of my brothers took me to Chiles for my birthday. Their free birthday dessert of ice cream and hot gooey brownies was awesome!! It was really funny because the staff came parading out with the brownie, singing and clapping.

My mom and I went shopping recently. I found the cutest maxi skirt ever at Kohls! It was the last one on the rack (besides the orange one.)

On Monday night I went bowling with some friends.I don't bowling often enough...

By the time it was over I had had a blast and a big headache. When we go bowling we sure make a time of it by yelling and clapping whenever someone made a strike or two gutter balls in a row. (Wasn't my idea for the gutter balls, but it sure was funny.)

Scores!!! (wasn't my ball either)

Cool shoes, right?

...the end

So, what have you all been up to lately?


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