Wednesday, May 16, 2012

a true love story...

While checking my blog roll the other day, someone had posted a video about this terribly sweet couple! It looked interesting and once I started watching, I couldn't quit. (If I ever watch anything it is like 10 seconds here, go do something, 10 more seconds, do something else, etc.)  I had never heard of Ian & Larissa before, but this clip tells you about what sweet people they are. Both of them are very inspiring to me. You can really tell how much each of them love the Lord.

Isn't that just way too sweet?  After I watched the clip I found some of their cute wedding photos. Larissa sure knew how to decorate!

You can read more about Ian & Larissa on their blog.They even have a video clip of their wedding.

Hope this really just made your day bright! I know it did to mine.


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