Monday, May 7, 2012

"New" Music

If there is one thing I love that would be music. Recently I discovered some "new" music that I can't believe I've never heard before.

So, have you ever heard of The Piano Guys? If you have that's cool and if you haven't then you're in for a treat...

The Piano Guys are these 2 fellows right here /\ /\. You kinda wonder why they call themselves the piano guys when one of them plays the cello. hmm.... Anyway, he does play piano too.

They make a lot of YouTube movies that I think are neat. The two below are some of my favorites.

It was hard to decide which two would make it on here as "my favorites". This arrangement is very well done and I like the songs they choose. Oh, and the scenery is just gorgeous!

My siblings have been going on and on about this song. They all want to play it now.  I can't really blame them.

Now that you've seen these two there are a ton more that you should watch. 

What did you think?  Aren't they pretty good?



  1. You could ask Christina about All of Me-- I think she might have the sheet music. It's one of the pieces she was into last year. :)

    Kara Dekker

  2. I have seen them before... (on YouTube) they are really good!!
    It was neat to see the boy that used his head. (Around 0:19-22)


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