Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Awesome-Tasting Food!! // passion tea lemonade

One thing I have to have every summer is Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks. It is one of the most refreshing drinks I've had. Since I don't go to Starbucks all the time I've tried to recreate it and really it is very simple.  Every time it turns out a little different, but I love it. The only problem is when my family sees it and then I have to make a whole gallon by the time I'm done!!

Passion Tea Lemonade (my version)

~TAZO Passion tea bags 
~Lemonade      last time I used Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade.
~Little bit of sugar
~Mason jar with lid
~Lots of ice!!

Start by following the directions on the the tea box for how to make the tea.  
One bag should make at least two servings of this lemonade.

 If you've never had TAZO Passion tea before here is what it looks like:

Let the tea cool down by putting it in the fridge for a couple hours. Yep, I put mine in my mason jar for this part too!!

Next, take about equal parts tea and lemonade, put them into your jar. Screw the lid on and shake about 10 times.  If your lemonade is really strong then don't add quite as much. You can always put more in later if you decide it needs it. 

Unscrew the lid and add as much ice as can fit. Put the lid back on and shake again.
In the end your drink should look something like this:

If it tastes to sour for you add a little sugar and shake it up again.

And there you have it, one of my favorite drinks ever!!

The nice thing about this drink is that if it doesn't taste quite right, you can always add more lemonade, tea, or whatever and it won't ruin itself.

I'd sure like to know if you tried this and what you thought! Also, if you have your own version on how to make Passion Tea Lemonade I'd love to see it.


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