Monday, January 30, 2012

Sad news and something to make you happy

I regret to inform you all that the giveaway I had planned for today will have to wait until who knows when. I'm sorry. Some things happened to where I can't contact the sponsors I needed too. Now don't think that I'll never do another giveaway, because I WILL (just not now). And I will say I'm sorry to the sponsors I had lined up. I have no way of getting a hold of you. Hopefully you see this.

Do these faces remind you of the old Walmart logo?

 With that I need to make you all happy, so here is a picture of the sunflower cake Addy made for Kansas Day, which was yesterday.  I got her to let me help just a teeny tiny bit by putting some of the chocolate chips on top. 

We had a ton of company for lunch Sunday afternoon. I happened to get home from church before she did. So, I got to add the little touch to the twinkies. By the way, we never EVER have twinkies in our house except for this Kansas Day cake.

The cake actually tasted really good.

Speaking of cake, do you like cake? You can vote on my poll at the right. If you were to have cake would it be chocolate, white, or something different?


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