Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas happenings...


I got to make Peppermint Bark for our church caroling party. 

The bark turned out very pretty.  I probably could of spread the chocolate a little more evenly.

Three of the places we caroled at were fire stations. At the last station, one of the firemen let us all climb in the truck cab. 

Hannah, Julia, me, and Abby decided to get a picture in front of one of the trucks. Having the lights on made it look kinda funny.  Thankfully no one decided to honk the horn AGAIN while we were standing there. 

Julia and Abby were my car seat mates for the evening. The other people in the car probably got tired of all the LOUD talking going on in the back. Oh well, friends are great!!

Two cute people having fun in the driver's seat.

Ice Skating with Cousins

 My cousins from St. Louis, who were staying with us, wanted to go ice skating while they were here. There was a nice size of people skating. Meaning, is wasn't too crowded. 

Titus and I had a ton of fun playing a major game of tag with cousins Caleb and Josiah.

Christmas at our House

 We had my Dad's-side-of-the-family-Christmas on Sunday evening. As usual, we played around-the-world ping-pong. 

I can play that game for hours!! Have you ever played before?

After supper and before opening gifts, we sang several Christmas songs. This is my cute little cousin, Anna, singing Away In The Manger.

Our Christmas was great, but I better quit now or I'll go on forever. Anyway, I have to get ready for tonight. A awesome friend of mine is having a big blowout New Year's Eve party. At least, that is what she said. Can't wait!!!

So, what was your Christmas like?



  1. I played around the world ping-pong once at a friend's house.

  2. With my Dads family we play around-the-world ping-pong too. It is an addicting game. Looks like you had an awesome time. God Bless you!


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