Friday, December 9, 2011

1. pins of the week...

I've got some very pretty pictures this week and some neat ideas from pinterest. Hope you like them.

1. table decor...these are so cool.

I love all the jars. We have so many I know it would be easy to do.

Had never seen something like this before, but I kinda like it.

2.  outdoor prettiness...

Doesn't this look so neat with the mountains behind it.

3. wedding...

 This is so cool. They hung a parachute at the top of the building, which made the canopy.

4. goodies...

...and awesome looking cookie dough!!!

5. places to go...

Heaven's Stair in China. I want to see this!!

6. paper boxes...

I thought this box was a ton of fun to make.

 That's it for today. Which one did you like?



  1. Mason jars and candles are so pretty! The hammock...I won't fight you for it. :) The parachute idea is pretty neat too, though can you get a parachute without going sky-diving? China would be neat! Though I wouldn't know where to start sightseeing there is so much you could see!

  2. Mrs. Iwinski, I'd love to go to China, but I don't have the money... :)oh well.

    Bethany, you don't like the hammock?
    I bet you could rent a parachute from a sky-diving company. I wouldn't mind sky-diving if that was the way I had to get one though.

  3. You have won an item in my giveaway. Come claim your prize!


  4. Well it wouldn't be the hammock... it'd be the height and it gives the impression it's pretty high. Unfortunately, I probably wouldn't even make it up that high. It does look interesting though. If you go sky-diving can I watch? Maybe you should go through above Heaven's Stair in China! Someday when you're rich and famous i guess...


Come on, I dare you too... :) I'd love to know you were here.

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