Monday, December 19, 2011

this is so awesome!!!

Last Saturday night I tried the technique of curling my hair with no heat by using a headband.


I was shocked (pretty much) because I've tried other ways and nothing has worked. I think that is because my hair is terribly thick and hates curls.

Anyway, I got early on Sunday because I was going out to coffee with my brother before church. I pulled the headband out and it was actually curly!! That has never happened before.

  Now, I'm going to warn you that these aren't tight curls, but bouncy, light, and bigger curls. Oh and I forgot to take a picture of it, but next time I will so I can show you.

Hope this works for some of you!!!  I'd like to know what you think...comments?



  1. Hi Susanna!

    I just came across your blog, and watched this video, and I really want to try it now. I just wondered about one thing. The girl in the video put some sort of spray in her hair before she put the headband on. Did you use that same thing she did, or something different? If so, what did you use? Thanks so much!

    In Christ,
    Romans 12:1-2

  2. Karissa, thanks for commenting. I enjoy hearing from "new" people.
    I didn't use the spray or gel that she used (parting because I couldn't tell what it was. :) ) All I did was put some CHI Helment Head HairSpray (yeah, it is a funny name) on before, during, and after the process. It seemed to work great. This hairspray doesn't make your hair crunchy like some kinds do.

  3. Where do you get your CHI products?

  4. Bethany, you can get them about anywhere, including walmart. They're kinda expensive so I like to get them on-sale, which happens every once in awhile. Last weekend J.C. Penny's had them 50% off. J.C. Penny's does that almost every year right after black friday. It is a really great deal.

  5. Thanks for the info Susanna! Have you tried the sock-bun curling method?

  6. Yeah, that was one I tried. So far I have not gotten it to work. bummer.

  7. I think my hair is too short, but I want to try it someday. If you find some secret to success on that one let the rest of us know!


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