Friday, December 30, 2011

church christmas banquet

A couple of weeks ago our church had the annual Christmas banquet. I love getting to help prepare for these banquets. Most of the youth in our church get together on that day to decorate and make the food.

Titus, the dish washer, getting all the dishes ready.

Strawberries before...

...they were made sweet. Aren't they beautiful?


One of the MANY pies.  This one appears to be blueberry.

We had an awesome meal which included brisket and everything that goes with it.

Thousands (literally) of awesome-tasting Pfeffernüsse  were made for a snack bar. It felt like we were chopping them up all evening. :)  But they taste was worth it!!

Someone was good enough to bring all of us Starbucks while we were at work. It was a greatly wanted (and needed) treat.

People at work cutting out stars for a game we were going to play.

Sorry, but we didn't really take any photos during the banquet. You're going to have to be satisfied with the preparation part of it.
This is what the decorations on the table looked like. We mixed coffee beans with cranberries and then set a candle in the middle.

I thought these photos were very interesting. I didn't know this was going on outside until I looked at the camera that night. A guy was in charge of putting up a great, big, lit-up star on the roof. Meanwhile someone was having fun with the shadow effects from the sun.

The banquet turned our successfully, at least I thought so. Everyone who helped went home tired and happy.

So, did you go to a Christmas banquet/dinner this year? If you did I'd love to hear about it.


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