Thursday, October 20, 2011

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I got a poll for you to do. It's to your right, on the side bar.

Since I love the change of the seasons, I thought it would be fun to see what other people think of it. This week the weather finally changed in Kansas. Before that we were painting our house and it was still hot. AND IT WAS OCTOBER!! Something was strange, because it is NEVER hot in Kansas during October. Monday morning my sister, Addy, and I went outside to finish up the painting. We both came back in for another jacket with a hood. Five minutes later we were back in again looking for gloves. Times change...

Although I like fall, I don't think I'm ready for winter. Winter comes way to soon for me. Oh well. 

 Someday, I'm going to get a moose in scenery like this.

Fall is a time to drink more coffee than normal. 

So, don't forget to vote on my poll. I would love it if you would tell me why you picked a certain answer. Or maybe you have something else you like about fall.



  1. I voted all of the above! I like just about everything about fall, probably because of all the variety to season holds. Though I agree with you it is too short. It would be nice to have a longer transition time from summer to winter, but you've just got to enjoy it while you got it!

  2. I voted "all of the above" too! I love to watch the changes taking place in nature, drinking more coffee (I'm sipping mine right now!), and getting out those cute, new sweaters that I got on clearance last spring! ;-)
    I was also thinking this morning about the changing seasons that God has ordained in each of our lives as well. I'm so thankful for those seasons and the lessons they bring to prepare us for the next season. Though we never have to repeat those seasons.... each one is new and different! They just go all too fast! May we make the most of the season we're in and find joy in every unique aspect of it!
    ~Ecclesiastes 3:1~

  3. Wow. I think I'm the only one who voted for fall foods...
    I love pumpkin muffins, bread, pie, etc. I'm addicted. That's my reason! :)

  4. I love all your answers! Thanks for telling me.


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