Monday, October 17, 2011

dogs, dogs, dogs

I wonder why I love dogs so much and yet I hate them. Now if I change that sentence around it would sound like this:  I wonder why I love MY dogs so much and hate my NEIGHBOR'S dogs. I love our Australian Shepherd and wouldn't know what to do without her. Actually, before we got her we used to lose a couple of chickens everyday to hawks. After she came to live with us we've only lost one chicken in 2 and a half years!! 

Well, one morning last week my mom and I took a walk down the road. One of our neighbors has a dorky chihuahua that looks like the one below.

Don't they all look the same??? By the way, I don't like chihuahuas, so that didn't help. (No offence if you like them.)
Then I have no clue what the other dog is. It's about a medium height, has pointy ears, no tail, and it speckled black and gray.

On a normal day these two will come out to bark and snap at us. (That freaks my mom out because she hasn't had a good experience with dogs.) Today they decided it would be fun to follow us. Their owner must have been gone because they followed and followed, right along all the way home.  You don't know how annoying it is to have 2 ugly dogs hanging around you. At our house no one was going to want them.  
They hung around for awhile to sniff everything in their reach. Not until I tossed a bucket at them did they take off running like the world had ended.

All that to say, they finally went home.

  Someday if I could have a dog of my own, I'd got one of Black Lab like this.

or one of these German Shepherds.

What kind of dog do you have or would you like to own?



  1. I think I would want one just like Snoopy painted on his dog house, and maybe a fish tank. Maybe:)

  2. I have a lab mix. He is mostly lab and beagle and I think he has some bulldog in him. He is the best!!!! I really don't know what my favorite would be. I like medium size dogs. Beagles are the only small dogs that I like. If I got another dog it would probebly be a blue heeler.

  3. Mrs. Iwinski, you should get one. Dogs are a lot of fun, but they do take some work. :)

    Bethany, I like your dog. Maybe that is because I'm used to labs.


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