Monday, October 10, 2011

movie time

On September 30th we did something that we don't normally do. A long time ago my younger brother, Titus gave me a birthday present to see The Grace Card or Courageous (not sure if it was just that he wanted to see them and needed a reason to go or really wanted to take me out...hmm). I opted for Courageous just because I had been paying attention to it. (I still need to see The Grace Card.)
When the movie was about to come out, I was like "hey, when are you taking me?" I didn't worry that he'd forget because he likes movies as much as I do. But then my sisters said we weren't allowed to go without them...there went our "date".  My Dad decided he wanted to come along so he took the afternoon off. Well, you can guess what happened now. Yep, Mom wasn't gonna stay home if everyone else was going to a movie. 

Of course we got there to early and I wasn't going to waste my time. I needed something to do. OrangeLeaf was across the parking lot and that was were we headed.  Now that's a real good used of time. :)

This post had turned into a long essay of my thoughts on the movie...too long. I cut it apart and I'm only going to tell you a few details I think are interesting. First off, if you haven't seen Courageous I totally recommend it. Another thing if you're used to seeing only light-hearted movies, then this one might be kinda hard. They're dealing with some serious issues. 

Favorite actor:

Would have to have been Ken Bevel, who played Nathan Hayes. This guy is natural at being a cop. He is so serious and maybe I just like the "good" guy.

Funniest character:

 Definitely Javier Martinez (played by Robert Amaya) was the funniest. The "snake king" scene still has us in stitches. 

Compared to Fireproof:
Someone asked me if I though Courageous was better than Fireproof. In a way you can't compare them because they are on two totally different topics. Fireproof follows one couple, where as Courageous follows 5 Dads. Fireproof is about marriage, Courageous is about being a father: two different things. I think Courageous has more action then Fireproof, but I like that.

Final note:
I don't think I've ever seen a movie where I was laughing my heart out and then about to cry on the same scene. Courageous is so full of many different things, you just have to watch it.

Anything else you want to know? This was like a third of my original post.



  1. I totally agree! I went with my family and a lot of people from church, and we were laughing and crying through the whole thing.

    P.S. the "snake king" scene still has us in stiches too :D

  2. Wow! That sounds fun to go with you church. hmm...maybe I need to go again. :)


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