Friday, November 18, 2011

belated trip post...

So, a couple of weeks ago my family took a trip out east. Our destinations were North Carolina and Pennsylvania. One of my brothers lives in N.C. and we were going to a conference there anyway, so of course we had to see him. Then married sister and her family lives in P.A. Most of us hadn't seen where she lived and we hadn't seen Yoanna in a LONG time.

I had this problem on the trip with making these freak out faces. I think Addy and I were getting bored waiting for everyone else to load up.  Yes, we have awesome trips!!
When we got to the conference center in Ashville, N.C. I dropped off the guys because they had a luncheon to go too. Charis, Addy, and I went on a hunt to find a Starbucks. Thankfully, right before the trip my Dad bought "Roada."  Yep, even our GPS got a name thanks to him.

The conference was awesome and I learned a lot. It seemed to just fly by way to fast. I met so many new people and then had to catch up with all the ones from the year before.  If you'd like to learn more about the conference click here.

The conference center was so pretty. Some of us took a hike in the beautiful mountain behind it. This was on the way back. We decided to stay on the road instead of the trails. 
October is the best time of year to take a road trip across the US.
btw, Charis would want credit for this photo. :)

 Charis, Isaac, and I

After the conference we went to go see where my brother Isaac is living. A couple of days later we headed to P.A. with him along. We stopped at Fredericksburg, V.A. to see the battlefield. Since we had watched Gods & Generals it was very interesting to where the battle happened. 

 One of the houses, that is still standing, was full of bullet holes. It would have been creepy to there during the war.  The picture had to be taken from the window because the doors were locked.

Picture time again. (feels like we're always taking photos.) l. to r. Isaac, me , Titus, Addy, and Charis. This one turned out pretty good. Just felt a little weird getting your picture in a cemetery...

 Once we were done with the battlefield we took a walk downtown. I love downtowns and this one was really cute and old. Also, some of us had to stop at the local coffee shop. :)
Next stop is P.A., but it still 5 hours away. We had too say goodbye to Isaac because he had to go back to N.C.

Seeing my sister Kelsey again was so much fun. I spent an afternoon alone with her and that was when Yoanna warmed up. I don't think she liked everyone sticking their face or camera in hers.  The scenery in P.A. is very pretty...and different from Kansas. Some of us went rock/mountain climbing. At one point there was a rock slide on the side of the mountain which makes you able to see for a long ways.

There are rocks as big as you up there. 

They're also very, very beautiful.

Yoanna and I got some photos before I had to go home. Sad to see her go. I couldn't tell if she was.

Can't wait to see her again someday.

On the way home we stopped at Gettysburg. I'm standing on one or their lookouts. I told her to stop...
I never realized how much there is to see at Gettysburg. We only had about an hour and a half. Still, we only got through two of the stops on their tour. Either that means we're slow or just a lot of stuff to see. 

Addy and I in the same lookout.

Titus, me, and Addy in other memorial. This one had a tight spiral staircase built in 1907. 
I'm surprised they still let people go up in it.

Here, I found a picture on the web of what it looks like from the outside. Right underneath the dome where the square shape ends is where they let you go out on top. There are more memorials like it that we didn't get to see. 

After that they dropped me off at the airport. You see, I had to fly home earlier because of some things I had going on. The rest of them didn't want to leave yet that way I got to fly!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE FLYING!!!!!!!! I got stuck in Atlanta for 2 extra hours, which was great.  Do you like to fly? Or have you ever flown before?

Well, I've gotta stop now and get busy. Hoped you enjoy it.



  1. Looks like you really enjoyed your time!

  2. I liked your trip. Thanks for the pictures.


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