Tuesday, November 29, 2011

awesome weekend

I had a terrific Thanksgiving weekend and I hope you did too.  

My weekend really started on Wednesday because I quit school for the rest of the week and did some cooking. The only thing I really ended up making was garlic salad. That takes a long time to shred cabbage.

Charis made this pretty pumpkin roll. I didn't get to try it, so that must have meant it was good. 

Thursday I got up early (well...for Thanksgiving) and took Addy to go get Newspapers. We do the whole Black Friday shopping thing and since we don't get the paper to our house we still needed to get all the ads.  It was great because one of our local radio stations just started playing Christmas music. Being outside, driving a truck, and listening to Christmas music goes real well together.

Around noon we headed for my cousins for our "Thanksgiving Dinner."  We had a great time and good food. After lunch our friends from India taught all of us how to play Cricket. In a way it is like baseball, but I still didn't get all the rules. confusing...but a ton of fun.

That evening we took our cousin Sarah home because she was going to go shopping with us. Back at the ranch (yeah, that's our house) we pulled out all the ads, scattered them all over the table, and poured over them until they tore...they ended up that way by the time we were done. 

The plan was to get up at 3 and head out, until Mom decided to go to Walmart at 10 p.m. No one wanted to be left behind (execpt Dad) so we all headed out. Walmart was a zoo, but, oh man, it was so much fun. Being in a crowded store is like my favorite thing.  Everyone ended getting pretty much what they wanted which was surprising considering the amount of people. We went back home for a 3 hour nap and then headed out to Kohl's. 

After Kohl's we had to wait for JoAnns to open. My cousin Sarah, Addy, and I went to see if we could grab some coffee, hoping Starbucks would be open. Meanwhile Charis and Mom were the unlucky one having to wait in line. Cheers!!! it was open and with a long line, but who cares. The coffee was good and woke me up.

Shopping continued until lunch time where we ended up at our traditional food shop. By then everyone was dead (as usual) and after lunch we all went home and took big long naps. In fact I when I woke up I thought it was morning...

Thanksgiving weekend started my official Christmas season. I think this is the best time of year.  Tomorrow I'm going to set up our Willow Tree Nativity scene. It looks like this, minus the background and wisemen.

Did you have a good Thanksgiving??


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