Monday, February 20, 2012

Valentine's Banquet

Every year my church does a Valentine's Banquet for the married couples. I thought you all might find it interesting to see.  

And for everyones information, all the photos in this post were taken by Elaine. If you'd like to see more of her work click here

All the young people in the church get to help pull the banquet off. It is super fun and there are cool people to work with.

 Addy and Julia supposedly ironing.  Yes, we can have fun and work at the same time!

 One of our projects included making table numbers. Let me rephrase that, they were FANCY table numbers...

...that took a long time to make. But they did look pretty.

The finished product. What do you think?

Many, many teacups

The banquet style (or you could say theme) was fancy and vintage-ish. Having to come up with decorations at the last minute made for some interesting decorating.

I love the white chair covers!

A lot of cooking and baking was going on as you can imagine. 

The shortbread was amazing!! I don't really remember having shortbread before.

Part of our lunch. Probably the biggest order TacoBell has had in a long time. 

The fun begins when the banquet starts. Us young people get to work as waitresses, clear the tables, or put food on plates, etc.  My favorite job is arranging food on the plates. Sadly, I don't have a photo of what most of it looked like.

"decorating" the dessert

Very pretty. Actually, I would just skip the cake and go for the freshly made whipped cream!! That stuff was great!!

Taking group photos, except not everyone made it. Everyone was great this year and I had blast!

Clean-up time, which is still party time.  

That concludes my banquet post. Hoped you enjoyed it. Now I've got to get busy... See ya!


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