Monday, August 22, 2011

need something to do...

... on September 23rd, 24th, or the 25th?

The Medicine Lodge Peace Treaty Pageant is going on. They go through 300 years of history in 2 hours of re-enacting.  It starts with the Spanish discovery in Colorado and then goes through everything that happens after that. The pageant includes Spanish and Indian dances, a cattle drive, a stagecoach robbery, a wagon train, a hanging, Indians and the Calvary fighting, the signing of the peace treaty, and more.  I think it is a pretty good history lesson that is worth your time. You can also get a ton of cool photos. We got to go in 2006 and my brother made a neat video clip.

So, if you want more information (which you should) about the pageant you can check out their website. The pageant is held in Medicine Lodge, Kansas at 1 PM on Friday and 2 PM on Saturday and Sunday. Medicine Lodge is about 85 miles southwest of Wichita. The cost is $20 a person, unless you come as a school group on Friday. Then the price is knocked down to $5 a person. (yeah, that's a lot better.) If you do the school group you have to contact them ahead of time.

And while you're down there, you should stay for the...... 23rd Annual Kansas Championship Ranch Rodeo!   Oh Yeah!!!    The rodeo is on Friday and Saturday at 7:30 PM. Cost is $10 a person. I really don't want to miss it.  

That's all I have for now. Go check it out.


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