Tuesday, August 30, 2011


 Last Friday some of my family and I went to the BlackTop Nationals car show that's in town. Or was...in town. It's over now.

 I'd never been to one of these before, so, it was all new for me. The evening was really nice and the weather was perfect. You know, the type that makes you want to be outside.
At these types of events you seen the oddest cars and bikes. We saw a bike that was shaped to look like a dragon. By that time it was too dark and I didn't get a good picture of it.

I don't really care for the company FORD, but I do like nice, sweet, old and new cars. Needless to say, this show was full of them. Even though I don't like Ford, the GT Mustang is still one of my favorite cars. As you would know if you've looked at this blog before.

And here we have a Mach 1. This car is sweet.

Now this one was just awesome. Only, it had one problem...

...which was there were too many people around it. :) 
This is what you would call a "kit car". Looks pretty nice though.

 I also like this nice Shelby. The Shelby looks a lot like the Mustang.
  This was my favorite until I saw the next one...

My Chevy Camaro!!! And look IT'S GREEN!!!
I know I called it "my" but wouldn't that be awesome to have?

I really wanted to drive this one. I didn't see the owner around and 
I knew he wouldn't let me even if I asked.

 So, I have to put this picture on for good measure. Because I just realized I hadn't put any old cars on here. The yellow is pretty.

I thought this golf-cart is the cutest little thing. The owner was driving it around. Even though it is made for big people, it still looks funny.

Hopefully you like cars (like I do) but if you don't that's just too bad. Sorry to bore you, but then again not really. I'm done now, so you don't have to see anymore. :)

So, what is your favorite car in these pictures? I'd really like to know.



  1. Those sure are some nice cars, but honestly I'd rather go a more practical route. You know those are the kind of cars police officers pick-out. :)

  2. I'm with you Susanna! I love Camaros and I LOVE green!


Come on, I dare you too... :) I'd love to know you were here.

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